Hormonal  Therapy

  • Somaderm Gel

    • Somaderm Gel is the only homeopathic transdermal, over-the-counter, Human Growth Hormone product available without a prescription.

    • It is FDA Registered and 100% safe.

    • The Botanical Ingredients are Raw, Organic, NonGMO, Paraben Free, SLS Free, Caffeine Free and Gluten Free.

  • Testosterone Pellet Therapy

    • ​Testosterone pellets are a safe and effective way to reverse aging associated with menopause in women and symptoms of low T in men.

    • The pellets are bio-identical, and are made using a botanical source and dissolve in the body in its natural molecular form providing constant and even serum levels.

  • P-Shot

    • ​​The Priapus Shot commonly known as the P-Shot is an injection of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) into the Penis. The purpose of the Priapus/P-Shot is to improve erectile function. The Priapus/P-shot can improve overall vascular function and nerve sensitivity in the penis, hence improving sexual performance and pleasure.

  • O-Shot

    • Using the same technology and identical protocol to obtain the platelet rich plasma, the application and benefits of the magical effects of PRP (the Vampire Facelift®) can be used for rejuvenating tissue in other parts of the body.

    • The O-shot is just another application where PRP creates new cell growth and the benefits of this cell growth include better sexual response and rejuvenated vaginal tissue.

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